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Pro-Fat Doesn't Mean Anti-Health

So, I was shopping. Looking at some clothes. Not really looking-looking, just stopped because the shirt said something interesting. The sales associate came up to me and said she "wouldn't have anything that would fit me." Immediately, I was completely thrown off, and I told her "I wouldn't ever wear any of this crap, I was just looking at the shirt." She said she "didn't mean to offend me, just that none of this is made for my body". So I responded with a simple "thanks for sharing, I didn't ask." She was got extremely defensive and told me "there was no reason for me to be rude" to which I responded with "there was no reason for her to comment on my body type." She then proceeded to tell me "fat girls that preach for body confidence are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle," and "should be held responsible for their promotion of unhealthy habits." So naturally I turned it around and told her…

Bands With Good Music and Good Philanthropy

This blogpost might be a little inspired by Fall Out Boy's new music drop. Fall Out Boy dropped M A N I A this morning, while releasing a new LP and tour announcement. One of the most exciting parts of this announcement is their declaration that $1 from every ticket sold will go towards the Fall Out Boy Fund. An initiative the band created to benefit charities in Chicago. 

The new tour currently features 20 dates with more to come. They will yield a significant amount to donate to local charities in the Chicago area. 

In addition to Fall Out Boy's philanthropy, Panic! at this Disco has also engaged in several philanthropic efforts. They've donated to the Human Rights Campaign, Cancer Research UK, and Planned Parenthood. The most recent being Planned Parenthood. Panic! released a shirt in collaboration in which all proceeds went to Planned Parenthood. 

Frontman Brendon Urie actually matched the donations, which topped over $50,000. The shirt sold out both times Panic! made it …

My 50th blog post

How have I written 50 blog posts in one semester? How have almost 1,000 of you seen this blog?

Two questions I will be asking myself long after this post is written. It's not like I have anything incredibly unique to say. It's not like my insight is any different than any other millennial liberal pissed off at our current shitstorm of a society.

I guess I am different, in some ways or another. But it is certainly not different enough. I've always wanted to have something unique to say. That's not even accurate. I've always got something to say. I've always wanted a unique way to say it.

A long time ago, I gave up the dream of trying to find new ways to say things, so I just say them exactly how they come out of my head. That makes me unique, in a sense. My no-filter, unaltered thoughts on everything from fashion to politics. I guess that's what makes this blog a little different.

I also don't necessarily mind talking about things that others may cringe …

What I've Learned From Running Cause-Finder

For my Digital and Social Communication class, we had to make a website about a cause. I decided to make a website about all the causes. Cause-Finder is something I've been working on throughout the semester that is designed to make it easier to find a charity you align with both emotionally and physically, if you so choose. The page features 100's of charities, each with a different vision and mission.

What I've learned is: you can never actually make giving simple. Each engagement I received on social media or posts to my website was always about someone's charitable experience, but never about their ambition to give. I could feature an entire post about No Kid Hungry, and the comments would be about kids they've helped or how we should help the kids in our country before we help the kids in other countries.

I think my website failed in its mission. I wanted to inspire people to give. I wanted to inspire people to get involved. Instead, I inspired argument over w…

What It Took To Get Bill O'Reilly Fired

Let's be clear. It was not because of the investigation into the accusations of misconduct at the office. He was fired because we weren't supposed to find out about his behavior.
He was fired because Fox was losing advertisers.
He was fired because they had no choice.
He was not fired for his behavior or attitude towards women. 

I heard someone say that this sort of redeems Fox News for them. I overheard a conversation that this brings some credibility back to the news station. And I was just sitting there boiling as hot as my red hair and screaming in my head. But apparently it is frowned upon to scream at strangers, so I refrained.

They will continue to treat women the same. By they, I mean any man of power at Fox News that knows rape culture will protect him.

It marks the end of an era, and the introduction to a brighter one (hopefully) (I'm not holding my breath).

The Pepsi Ad We Needed

This isn't the Pepsi ad we received, but it's the Pepsi ad we needed. 

(Video details)
Published on Apr 6, 2017
Stand Up - Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video) - Taboo
Mni Wiconi- The Stand at Standing Rock - Divided Films
AWAKE, A Dream From Standing Rock
The Young Turks
Democracy Now!
Music: Skip Marley - Lions

United Figures Out a Way to Top Pepsi for Worst PR Blunder of the Year

So, I didn't think an organization was going to be able to top Pepsi for worst PR clusterfuck of the year. But oh boy, was I wrong.

If you're not living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard that recently, United Airlines overbooked a flight and forcibly removed a man from the plane after he refused to give up his seat. United offered passengers incentives to give up their seats, but when none took the bait, they randomly selected four passengers to remove from the plane. Three of the passengers got up, pissed off, but willingly got up. The fourth, said he was a doctor and needed to be on this flight to get back to the hospital. So what did they do? The violently removed this man from the plane. The incident was captured and plastered all over social media. This man's bare stomach exposed as they drag him by the arms across the aisle off the plane. I can't imagine the pain, much less the humiliation that this man must have felt.

United was kicking passengers off …

Pepsi Ad Bombs, Here's Why

I've seen so many comments from people not understanding why the newest Pepsi ad campaign is absolute garbage.

Let me help explain, from a communications major point of view. 

Their choice of a rich, white woman to play the peacemaker between the resistance and police is laughable considering the current struggle is not that of a rich, white woman. 

The Kardashian/Jenner's have been fairly silent concerning most political affairs, which is another reason why the selection of Kendall rubbed people the wrong way. If they were going to pick a celebrity to play the part of peacemaker, they could have at least picked a celebrity involved in some sort of activism, like Amber Rose, Kerry Washington, or BeyoncĂ©. 

The lack of representation within the commercial is also laughable. For the limited amount of time minorities were shown on screen, their stereotypical depiction did not do Pepsi any favors in redeeming this ad.

If a brand is going to make a political statement of unity and togeth…

Martin Luther King Jr. Was Assassinated 49 Years Ago Today

Martin Luther King Jr. was Assassinated 49 years ago today. King was an activist, famous for his contributions to civil rights advancements and for his forever iconic "I Have a Dream" speech. 

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.
I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."
I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.
I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.
I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not…

Ignorance Runs Rampant: Two Adults Can't Eat Together Without Having Sex, Apparently

So, Twitter has blown up in response to this tweet. Matt Walsh is a shock value fiend on Twitter. I've seen some of his posts floating around here and there. Well, let me correct that, I've seen responses to his idiotic posts floating around here and there. 
In this tweet, he is insinuating that it is never appropriate for married persons of the opposite sex to eat together. This just left me scratching my head. It also left me a little (a lot) annoyed. It also makes me seriously question the depth of his relationships and how he treats the women that sadly succumb to being anywhere near this idiot in his daily life. 
Two grown adults should be able to eat together. A wife should be able to go out to lunch with a male coworker, and a husband should be able to go have dinner with an old classmate to catch up. 
Newsflash, a meal together does not automatically mean the two involved to flail themselves at each other to engage in a night of wild, passionate relations. 
I wonder h…

It's On Us: Take the Pledge

It's On Us released a new video for their campaign in hopes to combat the culture of sexual assault.

It's On Us has four main objectives: 

ToRECOGNIZEthat non-consensual sex is sexual assault. 
ToIDENTIFYsituations in which sexual assault may occur. 
ToINTERVENEin situations where consent has not or cannot be given. 
ToCREATE an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.

This pledge is a personal commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault. It is a promise not to be a bystander to the problem, but to be a part of the solution. It's On Us offer tools and tips to help reach their four goals. 

Take the pledge here.
Donate to the campaign here.

The It's On Us campaign is dedicated to educating the masses on the revolving culture of sexual assault. They are committed to changing the culture and stopping sexual assault. They encourage people to intervene when they recognize their behavior and support survivors through their hea…

I Just Need a Minute to Talk About Spike Jonze's, Her

I am mesmerized by this movie every time I watch it. Absolutely enamored with it. It's beautifully crafted with a blend of a beautiful soundtrack, fluid dialogue and alluring cinematography. But what really gets me every, single time, are the thought-provoking excerpts from the script. 

Here are a few of my favorites: 

"Sometimes I think I have felt everything I'm ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I'm not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I've already felt." - Theodore says this midway throughout the movie as he is reflecting on his divorce and going forward in life. 

"The past is just a story we tell ourselves." - Samantha says this to Theodore at the end of the movie, right before they part (spoiler alert). She is reflecting on their relationship and how they have grown individually and separately. 

"Dear Catherine, I've been sitting here thinking about all the things I wanted to apologize to you for. All the pain we …

You Can Be Religiously Indifferent While Remaining Religiously Tolerant

I identify as agnostic. The dictionary definition is agnostic is: "a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God." Long story short, it means that I am quite skeptical about the existence of a fluffy white afterlife, but I don't believe we're all just suspended in space for no reason. 

The problem I run into quite often, is that people assume that because my religion identifies closer with atheism than it does Christianity, that I won't be tolerant of their chosen faith. Which is not really fair. I am pretty much supportive any anything that brings us peace. You're a Christian? Cool. You're a Muslim? Cool. If that brings you solace in your heart and mind, you be the damn worshipper you can be. Just because we have different beliefs, doesn't mean I will discount yours. I often find that conversations with relig…

United Airlines Bars Girls from Plane Because of Leggings

United Airlines made headlines for not letting two teenage girls on a flight because of their leggings. The company then unleashed a PR clusterfuck by tweeting "The passengers this morning were United pass riders who were not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel." Seriously? I don't even know how I would have responded if I were the mother of these two girls. 

Since when do airlines get to police young girls clothing? This isn't a time where flying is such a luxury that it is only accessible by the rich and famous. This isn't a time where flyers drink Manhattans and wear suits and tip their hat when approached by a stranger. This isn't a time where women have to wear panty hose or long skirts to avoid being seen as promiscuous. 

Honestly, the first thing that came to mine was: "Who the fuck does United think they are?" 

I remember flying back from Vegas when I was 22. The Electric Daisy Carnival was going on, and several …

I'm Getting Really Tired of People Telling me I'm too Pretty for my Boyfriend

This is going to be more of a rant type post. If that doesn't interest you, you're free to leave now.

Twice in the past week, people have had the nerve to tell me I am "too pretty" for my boyfriend. Let me just take a moment to point out everything wrong with telling me that.

Between the "you're just so pretty" and the "I just think you're settling" I don't know which pisses me off more.

First off, he is not a wrong order at lunch. He is not a hamburger I ordered without onions that was served to me with onions that I'll settle for because I don't want to make a scene. He is not a "is Pepsi okay?" He's a human. And currently, he is my human. And he could look like the hunchback of Notre Dame or Adam Levine himself, doesn't matter, he is one of the most beautiful humans.

It doesn't matter what you think. Quite frankly, I don't think it's appropriate to go around pointing out that you think my relati…

Celebs Are Putting Their Money Where Their Mouth is - to Help the ACLU

Celebrities are sick of Donald Trump's shit already. So they're doing something about it. A few celebrities are hosting a Facebook Telethon via Facebook Live for the ACLU. The event is called Stand for Rights: A Benefit for the ACLU. It will begin on Friday, March 31 at 7 p.m. ET. 

Stand for Rights will feature appearances by such A-listers as Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Ellie Kemper, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Tituss Burgess, Jane Krakowski, Jon Hamm, and many more. 

From the Facebook event page: "In these tumultuous times, we need our favorite actors, musicians, and comedians to do what they do best. Speak earnestly about politics? No! Entertain you for a great cause? Yes! Because when the Titanic sank, the band kept playing! Except in this case, the band will be raising money for something that can fix the boat. And Leonardo DiCaprio won’t have to die."

The event will be filmed in New York City and is being executive produced by Friend of a Friend Produc…

What I Learned in Boating School is....

(If you don't understand the headline, it's a Spongebob reference, and shame on you for not knowing it.) 

So Let's Start With the Basics.  Writing for a blog is exactly what I thought it would be, but also a little different. I figured writing for a blog would be similar to writing in a journal. Just typing all the thoughts away until I felt better about whatever I was talking about. But I've learned that there is a method to the madness. I've learned that you can't just drop all these words onto page without any organization. Without organization, nobody wants to read what you have to say. And if nobody wants to read what I have to say, that defeats the purpose of publishing a blog where everyone can see it. 
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes. The issues I talk about on my blog have changed a little throughout the semester. I started this blog with the intent of placing the sole emphasis on lack of diversity in the media. I've added a bit since then. I still focus on la…

Being Different

I just want to fast forward to a time where fear doesn't divide us.

Your muslim neighbor doesn't want to hurt you. He just wants to stand in line at the post office, forget the thing at the grocery store he originally went there for, and binge watch shows on Netflix - just like you.

Your transgender coworker doesn't want to hurt you. She just wants to complain how disgusting public restrooms are, swear that she's giving up soda (even though she knows she has Dr. Pepper in the fridge), and forget which pile of clothes is the clean pile and which is the dirty pile - just like you.

Your gay brother-in-law doesn't want to hurt you. He just wants to complain about how expensive the drinks are at that overhyped restaurant, tell himself he'll do the dishes at 8 o'clock even though he knows they are going to sit there until tomorrow morning, and waste hours on Facebook looking at people's vacations and bratty kids - just like you.

I could go on and on. I could t…

Don't Tell Me to Have Kids at 23

If one more human tells me that my biological clock is ticking, I am going to take off my size 5 shoe and throw it at them as hard as I can. Since I am about to graduate, I'm getting many questions about what I am going to do with the rest of my life. Understandably so. But I am tired of people telling me my plans sound incomplete because they don't involve any miniature humans. I guess it is a weird concept for people to understand that a woman is capable of not wanting kids.

It's not even really that I don't like kids. I don't mind kids. Kids today are scary. They are growing up in such a hard time. They are growing up attached to phones by the age of two and capable of picking up vast life concepts by five.

One of my best friends has a two year old and a five year old. The two year old screams bloody murder if you won't let him have a tablet and the five year old was greatly concerned when Trump was elected. A five year old. He asked me if he was going to ha…

Blog Essay: Women's March & A Day Without A Woman: How It Helped Millions Find Their Voice

The 2017 Women's March took place on Saturday, January 21st between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Over 5 million women worldwide participated, which an emphasis of over 2 million women who marched on Washington D.C..

They marched, they spoke, they chanted - but most of all, they inspired. They gave those who lost hope on November 8th a glimmer of what is on the other side of the next four years. They gave those who were silenced on November 8th, a voice.

(Photo taken from: 
The Women's March changed how women approached resisting the election of Donald Trump into office. It changed how women were able to make their voices heard. It encouraged them to speak out against injustice and helped the silent find a voice.

Many celebrities attended the March and inspired many with their speeches. Natalie Portman was among many celebrities who spoke, declaring that Trump has "…

Pro-LGBTQIA Companies and Why You Should Support Them

In the midst of all the activism taking place since the United States' most recent President has unleashed a wave of bigotry and hatred across the country, there are several companies that are outspoken in their support of marginalized groups - such as the LGBTQIA community.

Companies both big and small have thrown their support towards ending discrimination and persecution of LGBTQIA individuals. These companies are vital to ensuring the future of activism in corporate America stays alive. 

A short list:
OreoBetty Crocker Cheerio's Levi'sDisney WorldAmerican ApparelWheatiesStarbucksTideMicrosoft PampersHome DepotSafewayPepsiOld NavyCrest ToothpasteMacy'sJC PennyTargetWalgreen's Pillsbury FordGapGreen Giant Lush Cosmetics AppleFacebookNIKEBen & Jerry's eBay Google AT&TInstagram Johnson & Johnson Marc JacobsCitiOrbitzGoldman Sachs Expedia Marriott International Cisco MasterCard Jet Blue Amazon American Airlines Barnes & Noble CBS Corporation DIRE…

Making the Switch: Getting Rid of All my Leather Bags

Like any of well-off, privileged, 20-something year old girl, before last week I owned 4 leather handbags. I've made the decision to get rid of my leather goods. Which includes all my handbags, wallets, boots, and anything else that could fall under the 'I feel like an asshole when I wear it' category. I'm an advocate for animal rights. I harp on people all the time for cruel practices that are still used today, but are often disregarded due to being unseen. The worst of the worst usually happens outside the U.S., in places like China or India - where there are virtually no laws regarding the treatment of animals, or the laws are rarely enforced. Cows, sheep, and even domesticated animals like dogs and cats are killed for skin.

They need their skin more than I need a leather handbag.  

I am dedicated to using companies that are clear on their stance against animal cruelty. Not all designers use leather, there are several that have made the move to using faux fur. Calvin …

Justin Timberlake: From my Schoolgirl Crush to 20-Something Year Old Crush

"If you are black or you are brown or you are gay or you are lesbian or you are trans, or maybe you're just a sissy singing boy from Tennessee, anyone who is treating you unkindly, it's only because they are afraid or they have been taught to be afraid of how important you are. Because being different means you make the difference, so fuck 'em." Justin Timberlake gave a heartwarming inclusion speech while accepting the Song of the Year award for 'Can't Stop the Feeling' at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. My heart absolutely melted. Like it usually does when Justin Timberlake does... basically anything. This was such an inspiring message JT delivered to the iHeartRadio audience on Sunday. He picked a huge platform to share his message and it has millions of RT's on Twitter to share with the world.  He is embracing being different. Though he isn't much different himself, being a straight white boy from Tennessee, it is inspiring to see him stan…


Ciara McElveen. Chyna Doll. Mesha Caldwell. Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow. Jojo Striker. Jaquarrius Holland. Keke Collier. At least 7 transgender women have been murdered so far in 2017. 

Their names need to be known. But this goes beyond a hashtag. This goes beyond cries of anger and sadness on Twitter. This is a wave of hatred and fear spreading across the United States. 

We know that we most often fear what we don't understand. We must create a society where everything tries to understand. I don't think anyone is asking for the 60+ year old's in the retirement community to suddenly have a clear understanding of all the progression we've made regarding sexual orientation and gender. But we can sure as hell ask them to try. 

We can ask everyone to feel compassion. 
We can ask everyone to feel empathy.
We can ask everyone to feel open to new concepts and ideas. 

The future of the trans community depends on it. 

Dr. Seuss, happy birthday!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

It's Dr. Seuss' 113th birthday, well, would have been. You know what I mean. Theodor Seuss Geisel died in 1991, after producing more than 60 children's books. Fun fact: he was in advertising before he started writing. 

The quote above is one of my absolute favorite quotes. These words are framed up on my wall. They are a daily reminder that the world is much bigger than I am. They are an inspiration to many, as they are a good reminder that empathy is still valid and can't be forgotten. 

Originally found in The Lorax, this quote goes down as one of the hundreds the masses still plaster everywhere. And I mean everywhere. Schools, offices, bedrooms, etc. 

The Lorax was made into an animated film in 2012. But the book, the book can't be beat. Dr. Seuss’s Lorax spoke for the trees and warned of the dangers of disrespecting the environment. In this cautionary rhyming tale (printed o…

Oh, the irony.

Today, a boy who was sagging his pants around his knees had the nerve to come up to me and say "I can see your bra-strap through the back of your shirt." I had to keep myself from doing a few things. Laughing, firstly. Because of my super sarcastic answer. I replied with "Really? OMG. I thought my boobs were just magically supposed to hold themselves up. Yes, I have a bra on. Yes, I know you can see it. No, I don't care." Secondly, I had to refrain from telling him that I could see his underwear.

I think that is what bothered me most. Not that a stranger felt the need to come up to me and tell me he can see my bra-strap through my shirt. But that his pants were almost literally around his knees. He had a belt on to keep his pants from literally falling around his ankles. He had to waddle around because no normal person could walk around properly with their pants around their knees.

Don't tell me you can see my underwear if I can plainly see yours. It's…

I Knew Zootopia was Destined for an Oscar

"We are so grateful to the audiences all over the world that embraced this film with this story of tolerance being more powerful than fear of the other,”said Zootopia co-director Rich Moore while accepting award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Zootopia racked up over $1 billion in global ticket sales when it released back in 2016. For an animated movie, that is absolutely insane. But I can see why it made so much. Zootopia opens the door for parents to talk to their kids about tolerance and inclusion. It allows them to start the conversation about acceptance and equality. It encourages them to planet the seed of not judging others based on their differences - but embracing them for their differences - now rather than later. 

That little bunny became a role model for many kids and adults who need to be reminded they can do anything they set their mind to. While that sly fox became a role model for many kids and adults who need to be reminded that they are not who other people make t…