Pro-Fat Doesn't Mean Anti-Health

So, I was shopping. Looking at some clothes. Not really looking-looking, just stopped because the shirt said something interesting. The sales associate came up to me and said she "wouldn't have anything that would fit me." Immediately, I was completely thrown off, and I told her "I wouldn't ever wear any of this crap, I was just looking at the shirt." She said she "didn't mean to offend me, just that none of this is made for my body". So I responded with a simple "thanks for sharing, I didn't ask." She was got extremely defensive and told me "there was no reason for me to be rude" to which I responded with "there was no reason for her to comment on my body type." She then proceeded to tell me "fat girls that preach for body confidence are promoting an unhealthy lifestyle," and "should be held responsible for their promotion of unhealthy habits." So naturally I turned it around and told her that "looking anorexic is also promotion of an equally unhealthy and self-destructive lifestyle." She glared, and walked away. 

Here's the thing. I don't encourage women to be fat. I advocate for fat women to be comfortable, confident human beings. I am an advocate for body positivity. Stretch marks are okay. Cellulite is okay. Thick thighs are okay. A round stomach is okay. Everyone has different body shapes and they all need to be reminded that they're A-fucking-okay just the way they are. 

Also, friendly reminder that being thin does not automatically mean you're healthy. Smokers are (often) thin. Crack-addicts are thin. Anorexics are thin. All three are probably in far worse health than I am. 

Besides all that, it took me a long time to become a confident fat girl. It took years. There are many women that still aren't there yet. You don't get to bring them down because you're actually insecure yourself. 

Live your life. Mind your business. Don't spread negativity or bring someone down because they look different. Eat a piece of cake and spread positivity instead. 


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