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Family Guy: Even the Dog is White

Seth MacFarlane is funny to some and an asshole to others. He is the creator of Family Guy. If you don't know, Family Guy is a comedic animated show that airs on FOX and Adult Swim. Family Guy follows the lives of the Griffins - Stewie, Meg, Chris, Lois, Peter and Brian. This kind of show is mindless. The humor is immature. IMDB describes the show as "sick, twisted, and politically incorrect." Besides the immature humor and repeated jokes throughout the series, the show has one other crucial flaw. A majority of the characters are white. 
The Griffin family falls into the white middle class demographic. They live in the suburbs of their New England town surrounded by neighbors - who are also predominantly white. 
The show has two main characters that are not white. 

Pictured above are Tricia Takanawa and Cleveland Brown. Tricia works as a news anchor and is often used as the punchline for stereotypical Asian jokes. Cleveland portrays one of Peter's best friends and hi…