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Bands With Good Music and Good Philanthropy

This blogpost might be a little inspired by Fall Out Boy's new music drop. Fall Out Boy dropped M A N I A this morning, while releasing a new LP and tour announcement. One of the most exciting parts of this announcement is their declaration that $1 from every ticket sold will go towards the Fall Out Boy Fund. An initiative the band created to benefit charities in Chicago. 

The new tour currently features 20 dates with more to come. They will yield a significant amount to donate to local charities in the Chicago area. 

In addition to Fall Out Boy's philanthropy, Panic! at this Disco has also engaged in several philanthropic efforts. They've donated to the Human Rights Campaign, Cancer Research UK, and Planned Parenthood. The most recent being Planned Parenthood. Panic! released a shirt in collaboration in which all proceeds went to Planned Parenthood. 

Frontman Brendon Urie actually matched the donations, which topped over $50,000. The shirt sold out both times Panic! made it …

My 50th blog post

How have I written 50 blog posts in one semester? How have almost 1,000 of you seen this blog?

Two questions I will be asking myself long after this post is written. It's not like I have anything incredibly unique to say. It's not like my insight is any different than any other millennial liberal pissed off at our current shitstorm of a society.

I guess I am different, in some ways or another. But it is certainly not different enough. I've always wanted to have something unique to say. That's not even accurate. I've always got something to say. I've always wanted a unique way to say it.

A long time ago, I gave up the dream of trying to find new ways to say things, so I just say them exactly how they come out of my head. That makes me unique, in a sense. My no-filter, unaltered thoughts on everything from fashion to politics. I guess that's what makes this blog a little different.

I also don't necessarily mind talking about things that others may cringe …

What I've Learned From Running Cause-Finder

For my Digital and Social Communication class, we had to make a website about a cause. I decided to make a website about all the causes. Cause-Finder is something I've been working on throughout the semester that is designed to make it easier to find a charity you align with both emotionally and physically, if you so choose. The page features 100's of charities, each with a different vision and mission.

What I've learned is: you can never actually make giving simple. Each engagement I received on social media or posts to my website was always about someone's charitable experience, but never about their ambition to give. I could feature an entire post about No Kid Hungry, and the comments would be about kids they've helped or how we should help the kids in our country before we help the kids in other countries.

I think my website failed in its mission. I wanted to inspire people to give. I wanted to inspire people to get involved. Instead, I inspired argument over w…