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Learning to plié while ignoring your skin color and size.

Ballet is a mesmerizing display of art, but it lacks a few important things. It lacks everything that would change it from looking like there are 50 clones twirling around on stage. It lacks representation of the different races, orientations, and body types. When I think of dancers, names like Natalia Osipova, Daria Klimentova, Leanne Benjamin and Agnes Oaks come to mind. What do they have in common? I'll show you.

If you notice, they are all Caucasian and quite slender. By quite slender, I mean they look like they desperately need a cheeseburger. Most Principal dancers fit this mold. This is the problem. Though I would never discount the beauty and talent of these dancers - I would question ballet's ability to portray a different image as the face of the company. 
Though there are not many examples of diversity, one sticks out as a face of inspiration. Misty Copeland is the first African-American Female Principal dancer with the American Ballet. 
Like the first of anything, …

Introduction - Here we go, ladies and gents.

As cliche' as a college female with a blog is, we're doing this. My name is Jordan and I'm a senior at the University of Central Oklahoma. This blog is primarily for a class with Dr. Clark called Blogging for Journalists, but the content won't be quite as fluffy as the usual prompts for writing in a college classroom. This blog will dive into the complete lack of diversity in the media. I'm talking everything from sitcoms, to news anchors, to Disney princesses. I am going to examine different areas of the media that are lacking in diversity and suggest different ways to improve going forward.

Representation in the media is imperative for minority groups. Please don't be confused when I say minority groups - since minority groups are basically every group that is not limited to straight white men. Minority groups I will be discussing involve, but are not limited to the LGBTQIA community, the disabled, women, African Americans, Latinos, the elderly, the plus size…