My 50th blog post

How have I written 50 blog posts in one semester? How have almost 1,000 of you seen this blog?

Two questions I will be asking myself long after this post is written. It's not like I have anything incredibly unique to say. It's not like my insight is any different than any other millennial liberal pissed off at our current shitstorm of a society.

I guess I am different, in some ways or another. But it is certainly not different enough. I've always wanted to have something unique to say. That's not even accurate. I've always got something to say. I've always wanted a unique way to say it.

A long time ago, I gave up the dream of trying to find new ways to say things, so I just say them exactly how they come out of my head. That makes me unique, in a sense. My no-filter, unaltered thoughts on everything from fashion to politics. I guess that's what makes this blog a little different.

I also don't necessarily mind talking about things that others may cringe at. Give me the floor, I'll go in about abortion, human rights, transgender issues, or body positivity. I could go for days. I don't mind talking about that stuff, because it has to be talked about. Those issues have to have a platform. Those who cannot bring themselves or don't have anyone to listen to them talk about the hard stuff, need be represented in the public eye. I'm happy to oblige.

That's why I've been so pleasantly surprised with this blogging class. When I read the course description, I'll be honest, I just assumed it was going to be an easy A for an upper division elective. But over the course of the semester, it has turned into much more than that. It's given me 50 different opportunities to voice the tornado of thoughts going on in my head. It has made me put them down on paper, which has helped my stress levels tremendously. There is just something about saying stuff out loud (or typing, what have you) that can literally take a weight off your shoulders.

So, I am thankful for this blog. Even if I don't have anything different to say or a unique way to say it,  I am thankful I have a place to say it and people to read it, even though I don't know where half of you come from.


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