What I've Learned From Running Cause-Finder

For my Digital and Social Communication class, we had to make a website about a cause. I decided to make a website about all the causes. Cause-Finder is something I've been working on throughout the semester that is designed to make it easier to find a charity you align with both emotionally and physically, if you so choose. The page features 100's of charities, each with a different vision and mission.

What I've learned is: you can never actually make giving simple. Each engagement I received on social media or posts to my website was always about someone's charitable experience, but never about their ambition to give. I could feature an entire post about No Kid Hungry, and the comments would be about kids they've helped or how we should help the kids in our country before we help the kids in other countries.

I think my website failed in its mission. I wanted to inspire people to give. I wanted to inspire people to get involved. Instead, I inspired argument over who to give to, and how to give.

Which is so depressing. I wanted my website to feature 100's of opportunities for people. I wanted to make it easy. Maybe another time, at another place. But not right now.

I have to keep Cause-Finder up throughout the end of the semester, but I will probably shut it down afterwards. It's a reminder of my constantly declining hope in our species.

Oh well, I tried.


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