What It Took To Get Bill O'Reilly Fired

Let's be clear. It was not because of the investigation into the accusations of misconduct at the office. He was fired because we weren't supposed to find out about his behavior.
He was fired because Fox was losing advertisers.
He was fired because they had no choice.
He was not fired for his behavior or attitude towards women. 

I heard someone say that this sort of redeems Fox News for them. I overheard a conversation that this brings some credibility back to the news station. And I was just sitting there boiling as hot as my red hair and screaming in my head. But apparently it is frowned upon to scream at strangers, so I refrained.

They will continue to treat women the same. By they, I mean any man of power at Fox News that knows rape culture will protect him.

It marks the end of an era, and the introduction to a brighter one (hopefully) (I'm not holding my breath).


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